Home Page of Female DJ and Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Female DJ Casey Connor Biography in Los Angeles and New York See what the Press is saying about Female DJ and Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Celebrity Clients of Celebrity DJ Casey Connor in Los Angeles, New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, and Hollywood Celebrity Photos of Femal DJ Casey Connor and Celebrities from New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Miami Female DJ's Celebrity Event Calendar for Celebrity Female DJ Casey Connor Recent Female DJ News for Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Female DJ Casey Connor of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills Links To hire a Female DJ, Contact Celebrity DJ Casey Connor of Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Check out the music services offered by Female DJ (shejay) Casey Connor from Los Angeles to New York City: CASEY CONNOR MUSIC & EVENTS OPTION A: LIVE DJ DJ CASEY CONNOR PERFORMING LIVE Based on a client's objectives and sensibilities, Casey Connor selects music designed to capture and enhance the mood and energy of live events such as cocktail parties, press previews, film premieres, fashion shows, club parties and more. After an evaluation of an event's crowd, purpose and location, Casey collaborates directly with her clients and delivers a diverse selection of material for them to review. Based on a client's feedback on that material, we craft a sonic identity for each event that artfully serves the needs of the event, its attendees and its hosts. From Top 40/hip-hop, rock and electronic to world music and standards, Casey can select and deliver the right mix of musical elements that bring everything together in a unique and sophisticated manner while showcasing her DJ skills that make her the number one rated performance celebrity female DJ in the industry. OPTION B: VIRTUAL DJ DJ CASEY CONNOR PLAYLIST SETUP: For our clients who require a cohesive and flavorful mix of music that fits in with their mobile lifestyle, Casey Connor provides iPOD/cd fulfillment services. We can build out complete playlists and libraries for video iPODs, iPOD Nanos and other mobile music players for both Macintosh and Windows-based operating systems. With every track chosen, we take into consideration the client's taste and interests to provide the right portfolio of sounds to enjoy. We can curate and deliver customized CDs & iPOD's designed to provide a memorable soundtrack to our client's press, marketing and branding initiatives. Here are 3 recent examples of past digital music clients: * Casey Connor's music is played across Los Angeles and New York in many well known hotels such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sofitel, The W, as well as many hip lounges such as The Standard, Butter Lounge, Griffith Park and many others. Some of Casey's clients opt to subscribe to her monthly music service where she supplies the ipod and updates their playlists monthly and formulates the playlists to their crowd. * In June of 2009, ROLLING STONE Magazine required music for an event attended by over two hundred music executives at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After consulting with the client to determine the make up of the crowd, the time frame and location of the event and the genres of music ROLLING STONE wished to have represented, Casey created a custom CD that was played at the event for the taste-maker crowd of attendees. * Recently, Casey was retained to create custom playlists for 10 different iPods that were gift items for a high-end New York City birthday of a world renowned actor. For each iPOD, Casey Connor built a playlist of 21 high energy songs designed to amp up the guests before they went clubbing and a playlist of 21 post-party down-tempo tracks to help them unwind following their night on the town. The guests noted that the DJ Casey-curated Ipods were one of the highlights of the trip and that they continue to play the songs and playlists as a memory of the weekend. Please visit the Clients page to see who Casey Connor has assisted in music services Thank you Another popular term for female DJ is (shejay). Casey Connor, celebrity DJ from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York, is the music master who can spin records for Celebrity A-LIST Hollywood types including Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Jennifer Lopez. Check out the music services!